Kia Ora! We (Ash & Moi) wanted to share with you why we started the Dawny Adventure Club and where we're going with it. So here goes, our first blog post!

As best friends, when we started flatting together on Herald Island, AKL we found we had a lot of spare time on our hands after working our 9 - 5. Most of this time is spent growing veges in our garden, surfing, walking our resident doggo and planning our next adventure - but we wanted to do more.

Surfing is our number one passion and we are constantly in awe of the amazing places we get to see here in NZ when we are on the hunt for waves. Often these places are untouched and uncrowded - but sometimes (and more often than not these days) we are noticing more and more trash on our beaches. The biggest culprits being old plastic bottles. Following a number of beach cleans where it was noticeable how many single use plastic bottles were washed up on beaches on both of our coasts - we decided we wanted to put an end to it - or at least do our bit so that we could feel we were making a difference.

Enter a year of research, networking, hard work and saving - and the Dawny Adventure Club was born with our first product - the Dawny Cooler!

Our mission is simple, and wholly achievable should people jump on board - reduce single use plastic bottles in NZ. We are enabling this to happen by entering an insulated bottle into the market which is affordable, sleek and stylish, practical and unique.

We can't wait to see where this adventure takes us - and hope you follow along for the ride. This blog will aim to educate, enlighten and motivate others to do their bit to keep NZ clean and green too.

More Dawny updates to come.

Ash & Moi