If you are like us, you love a Dawny - rain or shine. It just becomes that tiny bit more challenging during the winter months when temperatures start to drop. The Dawny Adventure Club are all about doing more and using less regardless of the weather - so we've come up with 5 quick tips to keep the froth alive until next summer.

Stoked with an epic Dawny at Manu Bay, Raglan

5 helpful hints to get you out of bed and in the water:

  1. ALWAYS prepare your gear the night before. Having everything by the front door and your boards good to go will likely get you out of bed faster as you don't have to wrangle a wet wetty off the line or negotiate the garden shed when its still dark. Upside of this is you also get a few more minutes in the kipper.

  2. DON'T wait for the surf report. If you get to the beach and it was a terrible call, we guarantee you'll be stoked you got up anyway. Go for a walk. Take three for the sea. Find a local market. Be thankful that you are at a BEACH, and it's FREE. (To increase your chances of a good surf we definitely still recommend reading wind and swell forecasts!!)

  3. COFFEE. Pack your reusable coffee cup and break up the trip. Coffee will keep your eyes open, and your revs high until you get to the beach. DAWNYHACK if you don't have a reusable coffee cup - Dawny Coolers will do the trick.

  4. 4:3 4:3 4:3. You may be anti rubber but a good wetty can make the world of difference in winter. Splash out if required - or borrow one from a friend. Kidney belts can also help keep you warm or a thermal singlet! Also when suiting up keep your socks on until you're ready to dash to the water's edge - this will retain heat for later allowing you to have a longer session!

  5. FAT PANTS. Nothings better than snuggling into your trackpants and a cosy sweater after an early morning mission! Treat yourself. Retire looks for the rest of the morning - you've earned it.

Tawharanui beach

Now that you've got all the pro-tips we hope to see you out in the line-up nice and early. Get outside and do more this winter!

Ash & Moi