Up with the sun

Hi! We are Ash and Moi. Two wahine on a mission to reduce single use plastic drink bottles across New Zealand.

We never started this business for profit, just for fun. So as Dawny Adventure Club has grown, we have had the privilege of being able to give back to our Kiwi community.

For every product sold we donate 10% of the profit to The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, and we also love to support local community events such as surf comps, fundraisers, community initiatives and raffles.

So to you - thank you! Every purchase helps and we hope to involve you in future initiatives. We also hope we help you to keep more hydrated. Because water is life, and cold water is even better!

Ash & Moi


The crack of a new day exploring our rugged backyards. Living for first light and an empty lineup, or reaching the pinnacle of a hike to catch daybreak. Nothing beats a good old dawny.